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Welcome to CHS NJROTC!

2017 Area 13 Unit Achievment Award recipient and recipient of the 2017 Area 13 Manager's Bravo Zulu Award.


Commander's Corner

Congratulations to our 2nd Semester Cadet Staff!         


Cadet Commanding Officer-c/LCDR Victoria Lopez

Cadet Executicve Officer-c/LT Victoria Slaven

                             Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer-c/SCPO Alyssa Gonzales                                          

Senior Cadet Advisor


c/LCDR Hanna Fitzgerald

Cadet Commanding Officer

c/LCDR Hanna Fitzgerald

c/LCDR Victoria Lopez

Cadet Executive Officer

c/LT Victoria Lopez

c/LT Victoria Slaven

Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer

c/SCPOKeoni Quilindeino c/SCPO Alyssa Gonsalez

Cadet Company Guidon

c/PO1 Keaton Torgerson

c/PO1 Justin Haltom

Cadet Operations Officer

c/LT Alyson Ward

c/LTJG Taylor Levens

Cadet A/Operations

c/ENS Alyssa Gongales

c/CPO Colton Sinerius

Cadet Operations Clerk

C/PO3 Angel Shapoval

C/SA Kaitylnn Taylor

Cadet Administration Officer

c/LTJG Kaolee Yang

c/LTJG Kaolee Yang

Cadet A/Administration Officer

c/SN Shanishia Campbell

c/SN Abbey Raynes

Cadet Administration Clerk

c/SR Will Quesenberry

c/SN Emily Parnell

 Community Service Project Coord     

c/ENS Heaven Kerschner

c/ENS Heaven Kerschner

Community Service Petty Officer


c/SN Shanisha Campbell

Cadet Chief Public Affairs Officer

c/ENS Skylar Arens

c/ENS Skylar Arens

Cadet A/Public Affairs Officer

c/CPO Cheyenne Hutchison

c/CPO David Cashman

Cadet A/Public Affairs Officer

c/SA Madison Bethke


Cadet Supply Officer

c/LTJG Naomi Cryder

c/LTJG Naomi Cryder

Cadet A/Supply Officer

c/ENS Andrew Henegar

c/ENS Henry Boylan

Cadet Chief Supply Petty Officer

c/CPO Henry Boylan

c/ CPO Kaitlynn Jolly

Cadet Supply Petty Officer

c/PO3 Kaitlynn Jolly

c/PO3 Mary Hall

Cadet Supply Petty Officer


c/ SN Lydia Ekstrom

Cadet Supply Petty Officer


c/ SN Sean Foley

Cadet Ordnance Petty Officer

c/PO1 Colton Sinerius

c/PO1 Keaton Torgerson

Cadet A/Ordnance Officer

c/PO3 Mary Hall

c/ SN Michael Sorenson

Cadet Training Officer

c/ENS Taylor Levens

c/ENS David Johnson

Cadet A/Training Officer

c/PO3 David Johnson

c/SN Caitlyn Hutchison

Cadet Recruiting Chief Petty Officer

c/CPO Ryan Odsather

c/CPO Angel Shapoval

Cadet Recruiting


c/PO3 Otis Eads

Cadet Recruiting


c/SR Vanessa Lopez

Cadet Recruiting


c/SR Bailey Snowden



Welcome Back! 

Welcome back NJROTC cadets to a new and exciting 2017/2018 school year.  This year based on your feedback, we are going to do a few more exciting events.  First, we plan to have a pot luck with cadets and parents to meet our great staff.  This will also provide an opportunity for the instructors to talk briefly about our program.  We also are planning on teaching riflery during the first semester.  We have several exciting speakers interested in sharing their life experiences with you.  We will be sending monthly newsletters out to you to ensure everyone is well informed on current and future NJROTC events.  Your staff is motivated and excited about making this an exciting time in your life.

Gunny and I thank you for joining us this year and please feel free to join us daily for lunch in the NJROTC classroom.

Have a great year,

Cdr Butler 

2017/18 Monthly News



December, 2017

Dear CHS NJROTC cadets, families, and readers,


We are weeks away from the end of the year and with it comes many considerable changes. On December 14 we had our Change of Command. The cadets who help run this unit in every aspect of the word get relieved from their post and help teach another cadet how to do their job. During the ceremony, many families came to congratulate those who have stepped up to help make the unit better.


Congratulations to the following Cadets:

Senior Cadet Advisor: c/LCDR Hanna Fitzgerald

Cadet Commanding Officer: c/LCDR Victoria Lopez

Cadet Executive Officer: c/LT Victoria Slaven

Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer: c/SCPO Alyssa Gonzales

Administration Officer: c/LTJG Kaolee Yang

Assistants: c/SN Abbey Raynes & c/SN Emily Parnell

Supply Officer: c/LTJG Naomi Cryder

Assistants: c/ENS Henry Boylan, c/CPO Kaitlynn Jolly, c/PO3 Mary Hall, c/SN Lydia Ekstrom &

Operations Officer: c/LTJG Taylor Levens
Assistants:   c/ CPO Colton Sinerius & c/SA Kaitlynn Taylor

Special Projects Officer: c/ENS Andrew Henegar

Community Service Project Coordinator: c/ENS Heaven Kerschner

Assistant: c/SN Shanisha Campbell

Training Officer: c/ENS David Johnson

Assistant: c/SN Caitlyn Hutchison

Public Affairs Officer: c/ENS Skyler Arens

Assistant: c/CPO David Cashman

c/SN Sean Foley

Recruiting Chief Petty Officer: c/CPO Angel Shapoval

Assistants: c/PO3 Otis Eads, c/SN Vanessa Lopez & c/SN Bailey Snowden

Ordnance Petty Officer: c/PO1 Keaton Torgerson

Assistant: c/SN Michael Sorenson

Finals for every class will be on Dec. 20-21. Please make sure that you study for the final. Winter break will start on the 22nd and classes will resume January 8th. After the break we will have many events going on. Look for the Chugiak Drill team at our first meet of the season on January 20th at Eagle River High School at 0800. Cheer on your fellow cadets as we strive for success. The next meet after that will be February 10th at Colony High School at 0630. The teams have worked very hard to learn and perfect the many drill sequences and we trust in them that they will win.

Another thing to look out for is the upcoming arrival of the Area Manager Inspection. Every year, the unit gets inspected as a whole and it is a big event. It takes the unit months in advance to prepare for this. Once we come back from winter break we will be extremely busy with preparations for AMI, and this includes our cadets. On Feb. 17th the unit will have a company formation at the Chugiak High School gym starting at 0800 and will end at 1200. Attendance is mandatory and it will be graded.


Happy Birthday to the following Cadets:

c/SR Alyson Ward          c/SR Walton Buck          c/SR Jeremiah Slaven          c/PO3 Ethen Phillips

c/SN Justin Haltom       c/PO3 David Cashman


Cadets who have promoted in the month of December:

c/PO3 Otis Eads                 c/SN Lydia Ekstrom              c/SA Cameron Heaston               c/PO3 Angela Shapoval

c/PO3 David Cashman    c/PO3 Jon Duffield               


Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  from CDR Butler and GySgt Dervaes.

Enjoy your time away from school and be safe on the roads.


See you next year!



The unit wishes all of you a happy and safe holiday!



PAO, c/ENS Skyler Arens


November, 2017

Dear CHS NJROTC cadets, families, and readers,


            This month has been one of internal growth for the unit. While we have not been very active out in the community, many important things have happened in the unit. First, the much anticipated drill season has started. Our drill team is what our unit is known for. We have many dedicated cadets who stay after school to learn and to teach and it is always a great time for the cadets. It is not too late to join if you are interested in being on the team.

Second, we have had some guest speakers and inspectors this week. We would like to give special thanks to the Army National Guard for inspecting the unit as well as speaking to us about future careers in the service. We would like to extend personal thank you’s to the following individuals for taking time out of their busy day to visit and talk with us, SSG Funk, SGT Warner, LT Cason, and LTC Hernson. We would also like to thank the Naval Academy for stopping by and speaking to our students before Thanksgiving break.


Congratulation to the following cadets who promoted:


c/SN Justin Haltom                           c/SN David Johnson                  c/SA Kaitlynn Taylor    c/PO3 Angie Shapoval

c/SA Lydia Ekstrom 

Happy birthday to the following Cadets:


c/SR Charlize Bueno                     c/SA Ryan Bush                  

c/SR Justin Davis                          c/SR Jake Larigo

c/SR Vanessa Lopez                      c/SR Kaitlynn Munson      

c/SA Victoria Slaven                     c/SA Jeffery Sporcic

c/SA Liam White

October, 2017

Dear CHS NJROTC cadets, families, and readers,

We have reached the end of the first quarter of school. This month has shown the community the amazing work ethic and dependability of our cadets. The unit helped the Eagle River Boys & Girls club with installing new flooring and helped the community by volunteering at the Beach Lake Chalet’s own Boo at the Beach event on. The unit also presented a color guard on Oct. 16th for ERHS and CHS’s joint-Junior/Senior Night. We want to give a special thank you to the cadets involved in that night's color guard.

While we are thankful for all the cadets volunteering and having fun at such events, we would also like to remind everyone that when you are helping out at any event, you are representing the unit. So please, have fun but be respectful.

In other news, we have had been involved in some JROTC events over the past month: The unit participated in Raiders Decathlon on Oct. 7. The unit also  participated in the JROTC WACKO. That event allows for all of the JROTC in the Anchorage and Wasilla area to get together and compete against one another. We ended up going home with the first place trophy in the Picnic Table Relay! Thank you to all the cadets who showed up for the event. On Oct. 27, the unit hosted our Annual Harvest Moon Ball. This dance is put together by the cadets, for the cadets and  is hosted by  the ER Elks Club. Over sixty kids showed up to the dance this year, with some guests included. It included a costume contest and a carved pumpkin contest which was won by 2nd platoon. Don’t worry, if you missed it, we have the Harvest Moon Ball every year at the end of October. Parents are always welcome to attend this event.

This month, the cadets started taking written exams that will occur each week for the rest of the year. The exams have ten random questions pertaining to either the Chain of Command or Orders to the Sentry. Please study and remember that spelling and punctuation count. The unit has also had many guest inspectors this month. We want to give a special thank you to  Army  CPT Schwartz and SSG Morse, and to Ssgt Kear from the Marine Corps for taking the time to inspect our unit.

Upcoming meetings:

Senior Trip meetings for the seniors planning on going on the CHS NJROTC Hawaii trip please listen up for meeting date and time. If you have a question about the senior trip, please contact GySgt Dervaes.

The first meeting for Drill team will be happening Tuesday, Nov. 7.This team is the pride of our unit. Not only does it help teach and refine the most fundamental part of JROTC, it helps cadets meet new people and get out of their comfort zone by giving them a chance to command and execute drill in front of their peers and other JROTC cadets. We really encourage NS1’s to come try out for the team. We hope to see many cadets there.


Happy Birthday to the following cadets:

c/SR Cheyenne Randall        c/LTJG Kao Yang        c/SR Keaton Torgerson       c/PO3 Carter Burpee c/SR Jared Heaston                c/SR Tristin Komok


September, 2017

CHS Mustang Company Monthly News September, 2017


Dear CHS NJROTC cadets, families, and readers,


We have successfully made it through the first month of school and we are happy to share that the unit have accomplished many positive thing over the course of both summer and school year so far. The cadets this year are eager  to help out the community and participate in many fun events that we host. One of the most noticeable event that we participated in this past summer was our annual JROTC summer camp. It allowed cadets to experience things that otherwise would not have been available to them. Such activities that the cadets participated in were the confidence course, the rappel tower, and a ride in a Black Hawk helicopter. We will be posting pictures on our unit Facebook page of the events.

Thank you to the following cadets who participated in JROTC Summer camp 2017.

c/SA Ryan Bush c/SN Otis Eads c/SA Brianna Jolly

c/SN Kaitlynn Jolly c/PO3 Jaden Knaak    c/SA Laila Williams


Three school sponsored events that you might have seen our cadets at this year have been the CHS Back to School night which occurred on Aug. 24,Homecoming game which was played on Sep. 15, and football concessions at every home football game. Back to school night was a success, many cadets volunteered their time and made it a wonderful experience for both the unit and those visiting the school. Football concessions are being done at every home game to raise money for the annual senior Hawaii trip. There will be more information about the senior trip down below. Our biggest accomplish yet has to be the Homecoming color guard and sword detail. The color guard and sword detail was well practiced and that practice showed when we took to the field to present the colors and homecoming court.

We want to give a special thank you to the all cadets who participated in the homecoming color guard and sword detail. The Commanding Officer of the sword detail was c/LT Victoria Lopez and the Commanding Officer of the color guard was c/SCPO Keoni Quilinderino.

Last week, we held a riflery class for all cadets. We are happy to report that it went well with no incidents. Another event that has started is the training for Raiders Decathlon. The event is over seen by our Training Officer, Taylor Levens. It is a fun PT event where Chugiak NJROTC competes against other JROTC units. It is a great event to get to know your fellow cadets, especially if you are an NS1. We would love to see more of our cadets participating in this event, practice is every day after school. If you are interested, please talk to Gunnery Sergeant Dervaes or the Training Officer. If you signed up for this event, please come to all afternoon practices.

This Thursday will be the first uniform day of the year. From now on we will be wearing our uniforms every Thursday or the rest of the year unless told otherwise. If you need new uniform items or are missing some, please come in at lunch or after school to exchange it or get a new one. Please note that if the uniform is lost or destroy the cadet who it was issued to will be fined. Another uniform that NJROTC cadets wear is the PT uniform every Friday. Please remember to bring and wear it so that you can get a grade.

Other upcoming event is the senior trip. Every year the unit sends our seniors down to Hawaii to learn about the military history for a week. We do various fundraising events throughout the year to make it easier for the cadets to go, but they are still required to pay for what the unit cannot cover. We will be having meetings soon to discuss more.

The cadet of the month for September is Michael Sorensen. He is promoted to the position of c/Seaman by the Cadet Staff for his commitment to the unit and all that he has done. All cadets who are chosen for cadet of the month are nominated and voted for by the Cadet Staff.

       Last but not least, the unit would like to congratulate the following cadets on promoting to their current rank.

c/SA Ryan Bush c/SN Otis Eads c/ENS Andrew Henegar c/SA Brianna Jolly

c/SM Kaitlynn Jolly          c/PO3 Jaden Knaak          c/SN David Stolworthy                    c/SN Aaron Joslin

c/SA Emily Parnell            c/SA Laila Williams         c/PO3 Jonathan Duffield                 c/PO3 Ethan Phillips

c/PO3 Damien Pinnow                     c/SN Michael Sorensen                       c/SA Aaidan Phlegar           


       These are the events that have happened and that are coming up. If you want more information, please contact Gunny or Commander. We will be posting a newsletter every month with new information about what happened and what is to come.



c/PO3 Skyler Arens                                                                                                                   




Friday 15 December, 2017

Congratulations to our new Cadet Staff who were appointed during yesterday's Change of Command Ceremony held during 6th Hour in the CHS Caefeteria. The hard-working Cadet Staff are the "backbone" of the Unit and volunteer countless hours of work beyond what is required to pass the class. In their roll as staff, the Cadets lead the program under the supervision of the SNSI, CDR Butler, and the NSI GySgt Dervaes. 

Finals are next week! Be proactive and study this weekend to prepare. Ther will not be another uniform inspection this semester. If you missed Thursday's inspection make sure that you make it up before finals. 



Monday, 20 November, 2017

Short week Mustang Company! Thanksgiving is this week, so we will NOT be having a uniform inspection. We will, however be having a written test on Wednesday. 

This week we will have a guest speaker from the US Naval Academy on Tuesday and Guest Speakers from US Navy Recruiting Command on Wednesday afetr the test.

Congratulations to the following cadets for getting promoted to thier currents ranks: C/SN Justin Haltom, C/SN Davis Johnson, and C/SA Kaitlynn Taylor!

Remember, afeter this week we only have 18 days left of First Semester! If you need to step it up in any of your classes, now is the time-Buckle down and get caught up!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving break!

Friday, 3 November, 2017

Happy Friday, Mustang Company! Be safe out there this weekend.

Congratulations to 2nd Platoon for taking Platoon of The Month for the second consecutive month! 

Congratulations to Cadets Emily Parnell and Courtney Mauthner for receiveing the Cadet of the Month Award and for subesequently being promoted to the ranks of C/SN and C/SA, respectively.

Congratulations to Kaitlyn Jolly for receiving the Cadet of The Quarter Award and for susequently being promoted to the rank of C/PO3.

Remember that there is no school next Friday, but there IS a Uniform day and a test on Chain of Command and Orders to The Semtry 1-4.

There will be an awards ceremony on 16 November-names will be annouced the week of 13 November.

Friday, 27 October, 2017

Well, first quarter is down! We have had a great start to the new year with plenty of cadets volunteering, getting promoted, and taking charge. 

Tonight is the annual Harvest Moon ball. It will start at 1900 and run until 2200. Come out and support this great event! 

Next Tuesday we will have the Alaska Army National Guard here to talk about the opportunities in the Guard. 

Remember that we will do an awards ceremony each month and parents and family are invited to attend during thier cadet's class hour. The next awards ceremony is this Thursday, 2 November. 

Next week is also Halloween-Cadets, if you are going out remember to travel in groups, dress in lighter colors and/or use flashlight, lights, etc...

Friday, 6 October, 2017

This week the Company had guest inspectors from the United States Army, who inspected each platoon on Thursday. The cadets were also given the opportunity to interact with the inspectors and asked some good questions. 

The Raider Decathlon will be held a Wasilla High tomorrow. The PT team has been training hard for this event and should do well as they go head-to-head with the other JROTC cadets from both ASD and Mat-Su high schools. 

Next Saturday is Joint-JROTC WACKO at East High School. Sign up next week on the quarterdeck if you would like to participate. 

Tonight NJROTC will be supporting the CHS football team with a color guard and by running concessions. Come out and support your CHS Mustang Football Team!

Have a great weekend!



Friday, 29 September 2017


Great job to the Cadet Staff, who organized and put on a great Welcome Aboard Social for the Cadets and Parents of Mustang Company last Friday! We received toms of positive feedback from the cadets and parents who attended. This week we had our second Uniform Inspection and we had close to 100% dressed-out, which is good, but not good enough. NS2s and above-make sure you are stressing the importance of Uniform Wear with your new Cadets! We also had a busy week for Cadets who voluntered at the Beach Lake Jamboree and Football Game Parking.

Tonight we will have Cadets volunteering as ushers during the CHS Improv Team's Suicide Awareness fubndraisng show and tomorrow Cadets will be helping the ER Boys and Girls Club put in new floors.

Raider Decathlon is next week, Sat Oct 7th at Wasilla HS starting at 0900-there will be a bus leaving CHS at 0715. 

Have a great weekend Mustangs!


Friday, 22 September 2017

This week saw our first uniform inspection and we had 100% of NS1 cadets in uniform1 Awesome job guys! We also handed out plenty of awards and held several promotions (names to follow). 

The cadets also got to hear from the US Airforce and US Marine Corps, respectively, during visits from invited guest speakers from each Service.

Last week the cadets got to get thier hands on air rifles after having been instructed on the fundamentals of markmanship by CDR Butler. The cadets were very excited to send some lead down range! 

Lat week was also the homecoming game and homecoming assembly at CHS. Mustang NJROTC participated in a sword detail during the pep rally, a Color Guard before the game and a sword detail at the half-time show. Great job to C/LT Victoris Lopez for putting togther a great detail-their performance was outstanding. And thanks to C/LCDR Hanna Fitzgerald for organizing the Color Guard!

The Raider Decathlon is Oct 7th at Wasilla HS-We still need cadets to sign up! See C/ENS Taylor Levens of Gunny if you are interested.

Potluck is TONIGHT-Bring your assigned dish or the company will go hungry


Friday, 8 September 2017

Cant believe we are at the end of week 3 already, and what a great 3rd week it was. Plenty of cadets are earning that meritorious promotion by recruiting new cadets to the program-keep it up! Packets are due Monday and are worth 100 points. If you fail to turn it in by then, you will see a zero in Zangle on Monday. Your score will go to a 100 as soon as you get it in, but remember that the first platoon with 100% gets Pizza on us!

Some confusion on the packetrs needs cleared up: on the Area 13 Health Risk Screeing Questionaire you need a medical provider signature ONLY if you have YES answers to the questions concerning serious medical problems and need to be cleared for physical activity. Do this at your sporyts physical if you fall into this catagory!

Uniform alterations go on 13 September-ensure that you are here and that you have your shoes and pants! All other gear should already have gone home with you! If you still have gear on the range or in supply, make sure you take it with you on Monday. See C/LTJG Naomi Cryder or Gunny if you have questions or concerns.

RAIDER DECATHLON: We need a full team! 15 signed up and only 5 have shown up for practice! See C/ENS Taylor Levens or Gunny if you want to be on the team or have questions about it.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 1 September 2017

What a great start to the new school year-The Cadet Staff and new Cadets are highly motivated and it shows! Events are starting to take place, so make sure you sign up and start earning those service hours back for the new school year. Remember to get that Cadet information packet in as soon as you can-the first platoon with 100% gets a pizza lunch on us! The packet is due on 11 September and is worth 100 points. If you already have a sports physical on file make a copy (from activities) and attatch it to the packet. Have a great long weekend and happy labor day!


Monday, 21 August 2017

Welcome back to our old Cadets and Welcome to CHS NJROTC to our new Cadets! Be sure to chack this page weekly for updates on the NJROTC Program and to learn of upcoming events! 

Lets have a great year, everyone!


Monday, 27 May 2017

Have a great summer everyone! Thank you for a great year-we hope to see ALL of you back next year!

Friday, 19 May 2017

Well, Its finally here-the last week of school is next week! Buckle down this weekend and prepare for finals. The NJROTC final will cover Chain of Command, Orders To The Sentry, and Navy Ranks and Rates. 

If you are staying in NJRTOC next year, you keep your uniform over the summer. If, when we prep for classes next semester you need larger/smaller sizes, we will take care of it then.

Remember that as we close the books on this school year, that all cadets have moved up a year and as such will be responsible for setting the example for the new Freshmen! If you have had a rough year, put it all behind you and start the year fresh with a clean slate. 

Have a great weekend and be safe out there!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Have a great weekend out there Mustang Company-Get outside and enjoy the spring weather!

Seniors if you have not returned your uniforms (DRY CLEANED), GET THEM IN!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Another week down and only 4 weeks left in the school-year!

Remember to have your uniform looking sharp for our Change Of Command next week. 

Congratulations to Jonathan Parsons for promoting to C/SCPO (hard-rank)! C/SCPO Parsons has truly shown how to lead by example by working hard right up to his last days in the unit to promote. He has shown that keeping your head in the game until the game is over pays dividends to those who have the fortitude to do so!

Dont forget, if you are attending the dining-in tomorrow we are meeting at the ACF Church in ER @ 1700. Uniform is SDB with bowtie for males and necktab for females. 

Have a great weekend and be safe out there!


Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017

Some upcoming events to be aware of: JROTC Indoor Triathlon held at Buckner Gym on Ft. Richardson this Saturday, March 25th. If you have Base Acsess, meet at Buckner @ 0930, if not, meet at the Ft. Rich gate @ 0915. 

Mustang Round up for those current 8th Graders who are interested in joining CHS NJROTC held at CHS in the cafeteria @ 1800. Bring your questions!

Annual Joint-JROTC Awards ceremony held at East High School on April 1st @ 1200. Parents of cadets to recieve awards will be getting a letter home today. The whole Company is encouraged to attend. 

Monday, 20 Mar 2017

Welcome back, we hope everyone had a well-deserved and restful Spring Break. 

The week prior to break CHS NJROTC held its annual Area Manager's Inspection; the Unit performed extremely well during its uniform and department inspections and put on an impressive Pass-In-Review Ceremony for the Area 13 Manager, CAPT Wenceslao. The Cadet Staff demonstrated knowledge, professionalism, and showed competance under pressure, receiving high marks from CAPT Wenceslao.

Company Commander C/LCDR Briday Knittle sends the following message to Mustang Company:

Dear Company,

Congrats on finishing AMI! I'd like to thank all of you, and explain how proud I am to be the backbone of our company. At the evening phase, if you were listening (which I know you were), Captain Wenceslao reminded our guests that you all made me look good and I was just getting the recognition for it-He is 100% right!!! Instead of refering to myself as the "Top" I go with the "Backbone"; I make sure we stay in order and I'm everybody's #1 fan. Now you cadets are who make this Unit-This amazing Unit...Point is, my job is only special because of each and every one of you; without you I'd be running a one-woman show, and what's special about that?!

THANK YOU ALL, and lets finish this year strong!

-Briday Knittle

Friday, 03 Mar 2017

AMI practice and Military ball are Tomorrow! AMI practice from 0800-1100 in the main gym-Miss the practice you miss the ball, don't be the one!

The 2017 Area Manager's Inspection will take place during school on 7 March. The Pass-In-Review phase of the inspection will take place that evening. Cadets are required to be back at CHS by 1700 in the cafeteria for muster. The event is scheduled to run from 1800-2000. Parents are encouraged to attend; the AMI affords us the opportunity to showcase all that your cadets have learned over the course of the current school year. 

Friday, 24 Feb

Enjoy the long weekend, Mustangs, youve earned it-the Company has been working very hard over that last month with multiple weekend events and commitments. 

Dont forget about the State Drill Finals tomorrow at Service High-The meet starts at 0900 and food will be provided for the first 10 Cadets who show up to cheer on the teams. Bus leaves the CHS pool enterance @0700-your signed permission slip is your ticket. 

Military Ball is fast approaching-See Mariah Johnson during lunch to purchase a ticket: Cost is $20. 

AMI practice 0800-1100 on 4 March before the Military Ball! If you miss it you will not go to the ball. If you have a reason that you feel you cannot attend, see Gunny or Commander. 

Monday, 13 Feb 2017

Happy Monday! Some of you may see progress grades posted and see that you need to make up Tests/Uniforms-dont delay! Uniforms can only be made up until the day before the next uniform inspection. See Gunny or Commander to make up either grade. 

Military Ball is taking place on Saturday, 4 March at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage. Dont miss this great event!

Military Ball tickets are on sale during lunch. We have 54 tickets this year-First come, first serve! See Mariah Johnson to get you ticket, Cost is $25.00.

REMEMBER AMI practice is this Saturday at 0800-1200 in the CHS Main Gym. Bring your drill shoes. The AMI practice is worth 100 points and those who miss it will not be able to attend the Military Ball!

Join us for the state Drill Comp @ Service HS on 25 Feb starting at 0900. Spectators will earn 8 hours of Unit Participation points. Food will be made available for the drill team and for the first 10 spectators. Additional meals cost $5 per cadet. 

Friday, 10 Feb 2017

Congratulations to all the Cadets who have been getting promoted! 

Join us tomorrow for the Colony Drill Meet. It will be held at Colony HS and starts @ 0900. Meals will be provided for the drill team and up to the first 10 spectators. Additional meals cost $5. 

Friday, Feb 3 2017

Another week down and AMI is one month away! Participation has been low-we need more cadets to sign up for events on the read board; check it often as new events are coming out every day.

If you are interested in joing Color Guard see Josiah Goward or Victoria Slaven to get more information. 

Join us on 11 Feb @ Colony HS for the 2nd Drill meet of the season. It starts @ 0900. Food will be provided for up to 25 cadets (including drill team). Extra meal-deals cost $5. 

Friday, Jan 23 2017

Congratulations to the Unarmed Drill Team for placing 2nd at the Eagle River Meet last Saturday! Please join us at the next meet on 11 Feb at Colony HS. 

Test scores and Uniforms looked much better this week-keep up the good work so we can impress CAPT Wenceslao during the AMI on 7 March. 

Friday, Jan 20 2017

Another week down and that GPA is being calculated for 2nd Semester-Get those uniform grades up! AMI is fast approaching-be ready!

Join us tomorrow for the Eagle River DRill Comp @ Eagle River HS starting at 0900. You will get 8 hours of participation credit!

Friday, Jan 13 2017

Welcome back Everyone! Lets get ready for second semester and the AMI in March! All cadets should be ready for your first inspection on 19 Jan-youve had 3 weeks to prepare.

Join us for the first drill meet at Eagle River HS on 21 Jan at 0900-you will earn service hours.

All cadets interested in Color Guard see the SCA, C/LCDR Josiah Goward for more information. 

Be safe out there and have a great weekend.

Monday, 12 Dec 2016

This Thursday, 15 Dec we will hold our 1st Semester Change of Command Ceremony during 6th hour in the cafeteria. Parents and family members are welcome to attend. 

Wednesday, 23 Nov 2016

Have a safe and restful Thanksgiving!

Friday, 11 Nov 2016

Veterans Day gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans. However, most Americans confuse this holiday with Memorial Day, reports the Department of Veterans Affairs.
What's more, some Americans don't know why we commemorate our Veterans on Nov.11. It's imperative that all Americans know the history of Veterans Day so that we can honor our former servicemembers properly.
A Brief History of Veterans Day
Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, was originally set as a U.S. legal holiday to honor the end of World War I, which officially took place on November 11, 1918. In legislation that was passed in 1938, November 11 was "dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as 'Armistice Day.'" As such, this new legal holiday honored World War I veterans.
In 1954, after having been through both World War II and the Korean War, the 83rd U.S. Congress -- at the urging of the veterans service organizations -- amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word "Armistice" and inserting the word "Veterans." With the approval of this legislation on June 1, 1954, Nov. 11 became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.
In 1968, the Uniforms Holiday Bill ensured three-day weekends for federal employees by celebrating four national holidays on Mondays: Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Columbus Day. Under this bill, Veterans Day was moved to the fourth Monday of October. Many states did not agree with this decision and continued to celebrate the holiday on its original date. The first Veterans Day under the new law was observed with much confusion on Oct. 25, 1971.
Finally on September 20, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford signed a law which returned the annual observance of Veterans Day to its original date of Nov. 11, beginning in 1978. Since then, the Veterans Day holiday has been observed on Nov. 11.

Take the weekend to reflect and remember what you are celebrating as you enjoy your time off this Veterans Day Weekend. Be safe out there.

Friday, 28 Oct 2016

Another week down and the new quarter has begun! Great week Mustang Company. Congratulations to C/SA Brown for promoting to her current rank. Thank you to those cadets who are helping with trunk-or-treat this weekend. We hope to see everyone at the NJROTC Harvest Dance Party extravaganza tonight from 1900-2200 hours @ the ER Elks. Wear your best costume and come out for the food, fun, and hang-out with your NJROTC crew!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 21 Oct 2016

The quarter has ended as of today. Remeber parent teacher conferences are next week with a half day on Wednesday, a full day on Thursday, and no school on Friday. Friday night is the Harvest Moon Ball held at the ER Elks @ 1900 Hours. This event is free for NJROTC Cadets who may bring guests fro $5 each. If you want to sign up to help, see Jon Parsons or Mariah Johnson. Have a great weekend!


Friday, 14 Oct 2016

Another week down and the quarter is coming to a close. The quarter comes to a close on 21 Oct. Remember, the single most important thing you can do to keep your JROTC grade up is to wear your uniform. 

Get out your best Costume! The annual Harvest Moon Ball is being held at the Eagle River Elks on Friday, 28 Oct @ 1900 hours. Come out and have a great time at this popular event. Tickets are $5 for non JROTC members. You may bring guests, but be sure to ask Gunny or Commander if you have questions on who may attend. 

Congratulations to Keoni Quillenderino for promoting to C/PO3 and to Angie Shapoval, Heaven Kirchsner for promoting to Cadet Seaman, and to Felicia Ortiz and Madison Bethke for promoting to Cadet Seaman Apprentice. Cadet Ortiz was also selected as September's Cadet of The Month. Great Job Cadets!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Uniforms looked good on Thursday with almost everyone dressed out-keep up the good work! Biggest discrepancy was LACK OF KNOWLEDGE on Chain of Command and Orders to the Sentry. STUDY STUDY STUDY!

Next week we will be celebrating the 241st Birthday of the United States Navy!

Cadet Challenge has been cancelled due to lack of participation. We need more motivated cadets to try out for these events and be willing to put in the practice time!! We will do it right or we wont do it at all-Lets get busy training so we can bring home the trophies!

Be safe out there and have a great weekend. 

Wednesday,  5 October 2016

UNIFORM tomorrow! Make sure you come correct for inspection: Males make sure you have a good haircut and shave, Females make sure your hair is up according to the CFM and that your makeup and jewelry is worn according to regulation. Lets see 100% of cadets in uniform tomorrow!

FUND RAISING RIBBON (AWARD) will now be awarded to those cadets who participate in a minimum of 8 hours of Unit Fundraising. 


Friday, 30 September 2016

A "Job Well Done" goes out to the Unit and particularly the new NS1 Cadets for the percentage of Cadets in Uniform during our first inspection of the year. Not only did we see all but one Cadet in Uniform, but the Uniforms looked good across the board as well. 

Congratulations to 4th Platoon for beig the first platoon to have all thier packages in. As promised, they will be having pizza for lunch next Friday. If you dont have your package in yet, YOU ARE WRONG-Get them turned in ASAP. 

Have a great weekend, recharge and get ready to hit the ground running on Monday-Be safe out there!


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Grades are in- if you still have an incomplete for your Cadet Information Packet, please see CDR Butler or GySgt Dervaes. Once your completed packet with sports physical has been turned in your grade will change to 100%.

The first weekly uniform inspection will be this Thusday, 29 September, so make sure you are ready! See your Platoon leadership with any questions and remember that your uniform grade is worth 40% of your overall grade-you will not pass Naval Science if you don't wear it!

Physical fitness competitions are ramping up and we need volunteers! Cadet Challange and Cadet WAKO are our next events. See your Platoon Leadership for details and sign up on the sign up board located on the Quarterdeck. 

So far this year we have seen outstanding volunteer effort from the Unit, particularly among the Naval Scinece One Cadets-keep up the good work!

Tuesday, 13 September

Thank you for your patience. We apologize for the pause in updates-we have been experiencing technical difficulties with the hosting service, which at this point should be resolved. 

It has been a busy first month for Mustang NJROTC as our cadets hit the ground running by getting involved in many activities here at CHS. Cadets have participated in Color Guards, Sword Details, Home Football Game Concessions Duty, Registration, and Back -To-School Night to name a few. Great job to all who have volunteered!

The Cadet Information Packet, which is worth an exam grade of 100 points was due on September 6th. Most platoons are nearing 100% completion but we need to step it up and get this done. Remember, an ASD school sports physical is part of the packet and if you have a solid appointment scheduled, just let your Platoon Commander or Instructor know. If you already have a physical on file in the CHS activities office we can use that one, just get a copy and staple it to the packet. As of today, 4th Platoon has all physicals in with minor discrepancies on packages and 3rd Platoon is right behind them, but only one will get the PIZZA. 

Uniform issue is almost complete and alterations will be on-site Friday the 16th to measure and mark Cadet uniforms for alteration. This does not cost the Cadet anything, just make sure you are here on Friday so that we can have everyone ready for our first uniform day, which will likely be held on 29 September.

All platoons are doing a great job of getting to know one another and this year's discipline level is the best we have seen in years-keep up the good work!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Welcome back Cadets,

What a busy and exciting summer.  This year’s joint-summer camp with the Ether, Dimond, Service and Chugiak JROTC programs was outstanding!  A busy schedule included swimming, orienteering, helicopter rides, drill, and obstacle and confidence courses proved to be both fun and challenging. Incoming freshmen that successfully completed the one-week course automatically will be promoted to Seaman Apprentice.  The following cadets attended this year’s course: 























Additionally, Gunny and I would like to give a special thank you to Cadets Chris Elder and Victoria Lopez for participating in all the color guard events this summer, and to Hannah Fitzgerald, Korban Cryder and Naomi Cryder  for all of their hard work in supply and on the range this summer. Cadet Chris Elder also expertly handled all logistics for the work details on the range . Way to go Chris.


Hearty welcome back Cadets and we look forward to another exciting year in Naval JROTC.


 CDR Butler and GySgt Dervaes



Thursday, 19 May 2016


THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IS HERE! Be safe and have a great summer Mustang Company!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The last week is upon us, study hard for finals and get that GPA up before the end of the year! 

If you are attending summer camp, get your uniforms (PT gear and Sweats) by Thursday. Come down at lunch and see Supply. If you are new to the program, come by the CHS JROTC room on Thursday, 19 May between 3 and 5 pm to pick up your gear. 



Monday, 9 May 2016

Today is graduation day for CHS! Congratulations to all graduating seniors!

For the remaining Mustang Company cadets, buckle down and get ready for finals-the year is almost at an end! Remember, ONE UNIFORM left for the year, make it count!

Summer Camp- If you are attending JCLC this year, remember that you will be picking up summer camp gear on Friday, 19 May in the JROTC suppy room from 3-5 pm. 

Drop off point for summer camp this year is at CHS by the pool doors @ 0745. Bring all of your gear and a good additude!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Chugiak NJROTC seniors just returned from another great trip to Joint-Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam HI from 4-9 April,  2016 for their annual senior orientation trip. While aboard JBPHH the Cadets visited the USS Chafee (DDG 90), the Pacific Aviation Museum, Ford Island, the USS Arizona and USS Utah memorials, respectively, toured the USS Missouri, visited the National Cemetery of the Pacific, climbed Diamond Head Crater National Monument, and visited with RADM(L) Fuller, COMNAVREG HI. Other highlights included, a trip to Waikiki beach, a cookout on Hickam Beach, dinner and game night at Dave and Buster's, dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu, and a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Cadets roomed aboard Pearl Harbor and enjoyed morning meals at the Base Galley. All Navy-Themed events were conducted in the NJROTC NSU. Attending Cadets (9) included the Unit's C/CO, C/XO, And C/SCPO. The trip was be Chaparoned by the NSI GySgt Dervaes and the admin representative from Chugiak HS, Jan Codina.

PO3 and ABOVE! Don't forget to purchase your tickets to the Annula Dining-In with Service NJROTC on 23 April at the ACF Church in ER. Tickets are $25.00 and are on sale during lunch. 

ALL CADETS AND PARENTS. Dont forget about City-Wide clean up, the Mustang Company Signature Project on 30 April. A letter detailing the event will be sent home this week. Show tie is 0945 and the event will end at 1500. The event includes trash pick-up in and around ER, a cookout, games, and socializing. 

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Congratulations to the Mustang NJROTC Triathlon team for taking home an impressive 3rd place trophy at the JROTC indoor triathlon hosted by Dimond HS. Team Captain Briday Knittle led her team to to a solid finish in this competative event. James Dobson took 1st place overall in the Men's swim, with 34 laps in the allotted time of 10 min! Great job Briday and Team!

Dont forget about the Joint-JROTC awards ceremony at East High Shool this Saturday at 1200. Uniform is NSU with flex jacket. Letters have gone home to all cadets with and extra sheet attached for those receiving awards. Cadets should arrive by 1130.

Next week is the Annual Senior Trip to Pearl Harbor HI. We weill depart on the 4th and return early on the 10th. We are all looking forward to another great trip. The details have been shared, but if you still have questions, speak with Gunny ASAP. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Congratulations to Mustang Company on an outstanding 2016 Area Manager's Inspection!

The inspection kicked off with a Unit personnel inspection at 0730 in the main gym. The Company average was an impressive 9.4 out of 10 and 37 cadets earned the exemplary appearance award for scoring a perfect 10 out of 10!

The second phase of the inspection started with a presentation by the cadet staff to the guest inspecting officer, CDR James Binniker of the US Coast Guard and continued with a thorough inspection of the Unit's departments and spaces. During this critical second phase of the inspection the Unit passed with flying colors and recieved accolades from the inspecting officer during his debrief at the end of the day.

The 3rd and final phase of the inspection was the Pass-In-Review Ceremony held in the main gym at CHS at 1800. The event had an impressive guest list, including the guest speaker, Brig Gen Laurie Hummel, ADJ GEN of the AK National Guard and Commissioner of the Department of Military and Veteran's affairs for the state of Alaska. The Unit put on an impressive show and saw second Platoon recieve the Honor Platoon Streamer as this year's AMI Honor Platoon. It is worth mentioning however, that 4th Platoon and 2nd tied for this honor with the tie-breaker putting 2nd platoon only .5 points apart form 4th! 

Great Job Mustang Company, get out there, be safe, and have a great Spring Break-You deserve it!



Monday, 24 February 2016

Its been a busy couple of weeks for Mustang Company with the Unit competing in Joint-JROTC events both here in AK and in the lower 48. On 14-16 February the Mustang Rifle Team competed in the JROTC Regional Championships held in Provo, UT. With over 250 Cadets comprised of the Regions best shooters participating the competition, the event was hard-fought. The Mustangs shot straight, ranking in the top 22 of area 13, while Logan Hanscom of our Sister Unit Robert Service High School, barely nudged out our Top Shooter Kaelan Raynes, to qualify for the JROTC nationals. Great job NJROTC! 

On February 20th The CHS Mustang Drill Team competed in the Alaska State JROTC Drill Competition held at Robert Service High School. 11 schools from across the state go head to head in what is the culmination of 5 months of intense training and competition. The mustangs took home an Impressive FIRST PLACE finish in the unarmed regulation category and took SECOND PLACE in the armed catagory! Way to go Mustangs!

Dont forget abot AMI PRACTICE on Satuday the 27th at 0800. Be there or you will not be able to attend the Military Ball.



Thursday, 3 February 2016

The Mustang Company Drill Team will be competeing in the Colony HS Drill Competition held in Palmer on Sturday, 6 Feb. There will be a bus leaving CHS @ 0715 by the pool doors on Saturady mormning, returning by no later than 1800. See Gunny for a sign-up sheet if you are interested in attending. All cadets are encouraged to come out and support the drill team!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Congratulations to C/PO1 Hannah Getter for receiveing Appointments from Senator Dan Sullivan to the US Naval Academy, and from Senator Lisa Murkowski and Congressman Don Young to the US Merchant Marine Academy-Way to go Hannah!

Congratulations to 4th Platoon for being selected as Platoon of The Month for the month of January. Great job to Platoon Commander C/PO3 Nicholas Foote and members of 4th Plt!

Reminder for parents and cadets of the Rifle Team traveling to UT this month, there will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, Feb 2nd @ 1730 on the range. 

Remeber it is a normal uniform day this week!




Friday, 29 Januray 2016

Happy Friday!

The following is a list of events taking place over the next two weeks:
On Tuesday, the 2nd, there will be an informational meeting for the Utah Rifle trip.
On Thursday, the 4th, EVERYONE  will be wearing NSUs. This will continue through AMI.
Over the weekend, there will be a drill meet at Colony High School on the 6th from 0800 for drill members, 0900 for spectators, and will end at about 1630.
On the 13th, there will be a community service event with the Sleeping Ladies Lions. This is a senior fundraising event and there will be kitchen and serving duty jobs. 

- C/ENS Korban Cryder

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Congratulations to the CHS NJROTC Drill Team for its hard-fought 3rd place finish in the Unarmed Regulation Drill category! This annual event, which is hosted by Eagle River High School, is the first competition of the drill season and hosts JROTC Units from around the state. 13 schools fought it out for over 8 hours on Saturday the 16th. The competition was stiff, in some cases fewer than 10 points separated 1st and 4th places. Great job drill team! 

Thank you to cadets Michelle Millette, Tony Vrolyk, Chris Elder, and Gabrielle Strunk for participating in the CHS Hockey game and senior night color guard following the drill meet on Saturday! Job Well-Done!

If you are a senior going to HI, dont forget our parent meeting on 27 Jan in the JROTC room at 1730 hrs.

Monday, 14 December 2015

On Friday, 11 December CHS NJROTC held its semesterly Change of Command Ceremony. There were many changes to the Cadet Leadership, most notably, C/LCDR Colten Bell is our new Cadet CO, C/LT Marielle our new Cadet XO, and C/SCPO James Fayette our new Cadet Senior Chief Petty Officer. The other Cadet Leadership positions were staffed as follows in order of seniority:

Cadet Operations officer: C/LTJG Josiah Goward

Cadet Supply Officer: C/LTJG James Dobson

Cadet Special Projects Officer: C/LTJG Kaelan Raynes

Cadet Admin Officer: C/ENS Hanna Fitzgerald

Cadet Special Projects Officer: C/ENS Jonathan Parsons

Cadet Training Officer: C/ENS Christopher Elder

Cadet Public Affairs Officer: C/ENS Korban Cryder

Cadet Recruiting Chief Petty Officer: C/CPO Mariah Johnson

Cadet Ordnance Petty Officer: C/PO1 Alyssa Gonzales

Congratulations to these cadets! 

Good luck on finals this week--do good work, rest over break, and come back recharged and ready for another great semester!


Monday, 16 November 2015

Welcome back to another fine Navy Marine Corps week at CHS NJROTC. This weekend the Mustang NJROTC Precision Rifle Team competed in the first annual Jordan Durr Memorial Rifle Match hosted by Cougar Company at Robert Service HS. The team ranked 5th out of 10 teams and saw Cadets PO1 Kaelan Raynes and SN Dana Gay finish 10th and 14th, respectively. Congratulations to these cadets who did great in the face of fierce competition.

Cadets also participated in a community service event held at Anchorage Waldorf School on Saturday, donating thier time to help the school prepare for its annual Gala event. Thank you cadets SCPO Marielle Millette, SN Ian Elsman, SN Keoni Quillenderino, and SN James Fayette for making the event a success.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Welcome back from your extra day off, hope everyone enjoyed the snow. Today is the 240th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps--Happy Birthday to all Marines! Cadets, lets start tightening up our Uniform days by policing our own; let your fellow cadets know if you see them out of uniform or in the wrong uniform. The CHS NJROTC Rifle Team has a meet at Robert Service NJROTC this weekend, make sure you tell them good luck. Lots of promotions out there-keep up the good work, especially to our motivated NS1 crew. The Drill Team will be practicing 3 days per week starting this week. Gunny will be sending a letter home this week outlining the details of the 2015/16 Drill Season. Remember, its NEVER too late to join the Drill Team, see Gunny or C/LCDR Michelle Millette for details. 

Friday, 23 October 2015


Dont forget the Harvest Moon Ball tonight from 1900-2200 hours @ the ER Elks Lodge. Wear your best costume and come for the food, fun, and camaraderie! You can also gain hours for promotion by participating in setup @ 1700 and take down following the event. 

DRILL TEAM update: Drill practice will start in earnest on Monday, Oct 26 from 1430-1600. Bring your drill shoes and a good attitude. All cadets are encouraged to participate EVEN IF YOU MISSED THE FIRST MEETING. Competition teams will consist of Regulation Armed, Regulation Unarmed, and Color Guard. Practices will start at 2 days per week and will transition to 3, and ultimately 5 days per week. A detailed schedule and letter of instruction will be out next week. See Cadet/ LCDR Millette or Gunny with any questions 



Monday, 19 October 2015

CHS NJROTC Competed in the annual Cadet Challenge PT event on Friday at Bartlett HS. The Mustangs finished with a second place trophy for the curl up event. All teams did an outstanding job during the fierce competition. 

REMEMBER- Half day on Wednesday, full day and UNIFORM DAY on Thursday, no school on Friday.

HARVEST MOON BALL: The annual Harvest Moon Ball will be held on Friday 23 October at the Eagle River Elks. Come out and have a great time at this favorable JROTC event! See Commander's Corner on this page for details. 


Monday, 12 October 2015

Welcome back, hope everyone had a great weekend. On Saturday the Unit participated in the JROTC WACKO games at East High School where we took home second place in the Graveyard Relay and third place in the Picnic table relay. Everyone who participated had a great time, so if you missed it this year, be sure to make this event next year! 

Don't forget about Cadet Challenge at Bartlett High School this Friday at 0800. Even if you are not competing, come out and support the Unit! 

The first meeting for all of those interested in Drill Team will take place on Monday, 19 October in the NS2-NS4 classroom from 1430-1530. All interested cadets bring your questions and a good additive.

Mustang Company's annual Harvest Moon Ball will take place on Friday, 23 October at the Eagle River Elks Lodge. See Marielle Millette or Caleb Doseck with any questions. 



Thursday, 17 September 2015

The first quarter is moving right along! Grades will going in tomorrow, Friday 18 September. If you are missing a packet or physical, get them in so that your grade reflects your effort! 

Thanks to all who participated in the annual carwash! We had 47 cadets turn out in the cold and rain to support the unit! On the day of the carwash the unit made $746.00. Members of the unit also raised $985.00 in pre-donations. 50% of those donations will go to those member's HI senoir trip. Total unit funds raised minus senoir trip funds came to $1871.00. Great job Mustang Company!

The top three carwash pre-donation fundraising cadets were: Mathias Brown with $175.00, Mary Hall with $151.00, and Madison Bethke with $144.00.

Homecoming is this Saturday! Come out support and CHS Mustang football and to support your fellow cadets who will be performing Color Guard and Sword Detail. Hope to see you there!


Friday, 4 September 2015


The first two weeks are down and they were very productive-Great job Mustang Company! We have issued uniforms to all cadets and will begin alterations on Tuesday September 8th during your class hour. 

CAR WASH- The annual Mustang Company fundraising car wash will be held at the Eagle River Walgreens on SATURDAY, SEPT 12TH show time is 0800. Sign up to participate and see C/PO1 Parsons if you have any questions. Parents are welcome to attend! Remember, last day for pre-donations will be SEPT 10th. Get the word out to friends and family so we can make this the best carwash yet!


Please sign up for Mustng Company remind. The app is free and is a very useful tool to recieve updates via one-way communication to your mobile device. See or email Gunny for the details.


The wesite is still undergoing changes as we transition to the CHS page. Please be patient, we will have it up and running at full capacity very shortly!

Have a fun and safe weekend!


Monday, 17 August 2015

The new school year begins in earnest on Wednesday, be prepared and bring an outstanding attitude and a high level of motivation with you- its going to be a great year! 

For our new cadets- Welcome to CHS NJROTC, we think you will find NJROTC both fun and challenging. CHS NJROTC has a long history of exemplary performance and as such holds it members to the highest of standards. Our seasoned Cadets will show you the ropes and lead by example. We encourage you to give it your all and decide for yourself if NJROTC is right for you and your personal goals. Welcome to the family!

For our returning Cadets- welcome back! Lets make it another outstanding year by continuing to lead from the front. We are excited to see what our newly appointed staff and our seasoned Cadets will bring to the table. Lets get motivated!