The Homecoming Dance and the Prom are formal dances, and we trust our students to dress and act with respect and dignity. Young women whose dresses expose excessive cleavage, thigh, back, midriff, or otherwise immodest attire will not be allowed. Young men are to keep their shirts buttoned and tucked in. Students who arrive at the dance dressed inappropriately will not be admitted. Appropriate apparel for the dance is as follows:


Young Men’s suggested apparel:                         Young Women’s suggested apparel

Slacks, dress shirts, suits, ties                                  Formal dresses, slacks, dress shirts, suits, ties


Please do NOT wear:                                            Please do NOT wear:

Jeans, hats, shorts, athletic shoes                            Jeans, shorts, athletic shoes, bare midriffs, see-through dresses, or sexually suggestive apparel


If you are unsure about the appropriateness of a certain item of apparel prior to the dance, please contact the Chugiak Administration. In addition, it is expected that students behave appropriately on and off the dance floor.



Sexually explicit dancing will not be tolerated.

Sexually explicit dancing includes but is not limited to:

  • mimicking of sexual acts
  • straddling legs or hips
  • grinding
  • inappropriate touching/grabbing


Students who choose to dance inappropriately will be removed from the dance without a refund. Depending on the situation school administration may call parents and/or assign disciplinary consequences.




All students and guests will be expected to follow school rules throughout the dance.